Reducing care home energy costs

Care – reducing care home energy costs

If you are looking for ways of reducing care home energy costs - whether that is for one home or across multiple sites - we can provide you with the best advice based on decades of working with providers and suppliers in this sector.

We work with providers that have well-established properties but feel they might be paying over the odds for their electricity, gas and water. We also help those providers building new facilities to ensure they get the right supplies and meters in their properties before they are occupied.

We can also support you to look for more environmentally-friendly or renewable sources of the energy that you use in your care homes.

Energy expenditure is often the second highest outgoing for care sector providers after paying staff salaries - it is important that you have this part of your business managed effectively and efficiently with a broker you can trust.

Our care home clients trust us to manage their meters on their behalf, leaving them more money – and time – to spend with their residents. We have got the references and the testimonials to prove it.

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Care Testimonials:

We have left out the name of the client in order to prevent them from receiving cold calls. If you would like more information on any of these quotes then call us on 01579 370073 and we will be happy to discuss

  • “We are a fast growing care group with an ambitious building strategy, Total Energy Solutions have helped us every step of the way, handling all meter installations with our developers and arranging the connections and supply contracts. Their help doesn’t stop there, forecasting future energy costs has been invaluable and made our budgets realistic. Total Energy Solutions are our energy team managing all our contracts, dealing with any issues when they arise and always at the end of the phone when we need help”

  • “Total Energy Solutions saved us over 30 per cent on our gas spend.  All I had to do was print and sign a letter of authority and email it along with a bill.  I chose a new contract that saved me over 30 per cent.  It was that easy.”

Save up to 40% on your renewal price

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