Making care sector energy bills more cost-effective

Our expertise at getting the very best care sector energy and utility contracts has been paying dividends for those companies for a number of years.

Our team has become specialists in the care industry by working closely with a number of care home businesses and tailoring their energy needs into cost-effective contracts with a wide range of suppliers.

We have been working with individual care homes and larger groups - one of our clients has 14 100-plus bedroom homes and they are building more every year.

Some clients with more straightforward energy arrangements know that we are on hand for any queries they may have and will always be looking for the best deal for them when the time comes to renew their contract.

But for those clients that are growing rapidly we work very closely with their development teams planning their approach to energy consumption in each new-build home and budget planning with them to ensure their energy costs are covered.

On these construction sites we make sure the right meters are in place and ensure the energy supplies are connected and ready for the home to open.

Some of our clients in the care industry want their energy to come from entirely renewable sources, or partly from renewable sources and our great contacts with a wide range of energy suppliers means we can meet their needs.

Consolidating care sector energy bills

And some of the care home companies we work with want all of the bills for their individual homes consolidated into one bill on one date. No problem - we have been able to sort that out for them too.

Care homes and other businesses throughout the care industry are high users of electricity, gas and water so it makes sense to have a specialist broker like Total Energy Solutions review your usage and come up with workable solutions that can make your energy use more cost effective and your billing systems more efficient.

If you are a business in the care sector and looking for help getting your energy bills down to a more manageable level come and talk to us. I am sure we will be able to help.