Flexibility and agility key to business energy contract happiness

Businesses looking for an energy supplier contract need a provider that can demonstrate flexibility and agility to give them something bespoke rather than a package that comes straight off the shelf.

So it was interesting to read a piece in today’s Daily Telegraph (paywall) that said the days were numbered for the Big Six energy providers for the domestic market.

In the business energy market some of the biggest companies have had things their own way for a very long time. But new suppliers for gas, electricity and water are snapping at their heels and offering a very different business model.

Flexibility and Agility

Those suppliers that recognise their clients want a greater focus on customer service and responsiveness are tending to do very well today. The giant companies that have maybe lost some of their focus on these areas are starting to lose out a little.

As a broker, when we are acting for a client or a prospective client we spend a considerable amount of time researching the market and finding the suppliers that can be flexible and agile enough to provide precisely what we need.

Sometimes we will start with the Tier One suppliers, but often we find that some of the Tier Two suppliers have got more to offer that better suits our clients.

For example, we deal with a lot of multi-site organisations and some of the alternative suppliers we talk to are more flexible at putting together a package that better reflects the way our client works, more willing to change their approach to fit in with the client.

That often leads to a much better working relationship between the client and the supplier, more clarity over charging and budgeting and just a happier way of working.

It is also true that, when you really need to, there is a much better chance of actually getting to speak to the person you really need to speak to at a slightly smaller energy supplier than it can be with some of the Big Six.

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