Energy price war could mean savings


Energy price war could mean huge savings for West Country businesses

An energy price war among suppliers could mean thousands of pounds worth of savings for South West businesses, it is claimed.

Alastair Carnegie, managing director of Cornwall-based Total Energy Solutions, said now is the time to take advantage of the flurry of new energy deals being offered by suppliers, even if contracts are not yet up for renewal.

Competition has been heating up between energy suppliers in past few weeks as they battle it out for top slots in the best buy table.

Mr Carnegie said that it’s not just homeowners that can benefit, businesses can too by taking advantage of lower rates now and reaping the financial rewards in the future.

He said: “Business contracts are generally fixed term but, depending on your meter type and level of consumption, new contracts can be agreed months, or even a year, in advance of contract renewal dates.

“As pro-active brokers, we are helping clients take advantage of lower rates by going out to the market for them now.  Fixing forward contracts at a lower rate will not only bring them financial savings in the future, but also helps clients with their forward Business Planning.”

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