Corporate Social Responsibility – is it worth it?

A corporate social responsibility policy in a business is something that is often not a top priority for many reasons. We all have what feels like a hundred and one things to do in a day, along with ‘fire fighting’ any issues that are coming in. Understandably, CSR can fall by the wayside even with a philosophy/policy in place.

At Total Energy Solutions, CSR is ingrained within our business. The positive impact across both our business and the local community is pretty much always apparent. Taking a break from your normal work duties to do some CSR activities, such as a group blood donation or baking competition to raise money, can feel like a breath of fresh air in the office. Getting everyone involved in group activities to raise money or awareness of a cause, boosts morale across the whole team (and also is a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues better - hopefully this is a positive for most!).

As a commercial energy broker, good news can be in short supply, particularly at present with rising prices and ongoing uncertainty. So being able to talk about some of our charity work is a great way to make our marketing messages much more upbeat (and in all honesty, a bit more interesting to a wider audience - we understand that energy is not necessarily a topic that all want to hear about!).

And of course seeing the positive impact (no matter how small) any of your actions take on others is always something that makes everyone’s day better.
Yes, it undoubtedly can be frustrating trying to organise an event and occasionally time consuming, but the rewards are nearly always abundant.