Our Operations Manager is Bella Young and she has been with us for six years, having previously worked in the insurance industry with a Lloyds of London broker.

Bella manages some of our clients, looks after HR issues and makes sure that we are compliant with the law and the TPI (Third Party Intermediary) Code of Practice, which is there to protect businesses and ensure they are being treated in a fair, responsible and trustworthy way.

When she is not at work Bella can usually be found rock climbing, gaming or watching the Hatters - Luton Town FC.

What she loves about her job - looking after customers and dealing with the vast majority of energy suppliers who really want to help.

What she hates about her job - that handful of suppliers that can make things difficult for their customers and create an even greater headache to sort out.

Get in touch with Bella if you want to know more about how Total Energy Solutions can save you money on your energy renewal costs.

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