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Low prices coupled with a service ethic that is unparalleled within the industry

Energy brokers are often criticised for being cut throat deal-makers who want to get you the best price and then move on. Here at Total Energy Solutions, we are different. We not only get you the best price for your gas, electricity & water supply, we also sort out any queries you may have and take the time to explain how the industry works, exploding the long held myths and making the complex simple.

We don’t charge clients for our advice, nor tie them into deals that make them stay with us. We just offer a service that brings them back, time after time.

If you want to work with a different kind of broker, give us a call on 01579 370073

A Service Ethic that is Unparalleled within the Industry

Our Services


    We at Total Energy Solutions are independent utility brokers, specialising in the commercial sector and typically saving our clients up to 40% on their renewal prices.

    We work with utility suppliers across the UK market and have no vested interest in where contracts are placed. Our only aim is to secure the best possible deal for our clients.

    The industry is complex, with utility companies each having different ‘rules’ that govern how they operate. This means businesses can get trapped in high rate contracts that they are unable to change. Our aim is to manage the complexity on behalf of our clients, giving them the clear and simple information they need to make informed decisions about their energy.


    At Total Energy Solutions, we are passionate about great customer service. This extends far beyond simply helping clients place new contracts with energy suppliers.

    Our service also helps our clients:

    • overcome transfer problems with their contracts
    • liaise with suppliers to ensure there is no risk of penalties due to fluctuations in consumption
    • deal with credit rating queries
    • establish new electricity and gas connections and meter installations
    • reclassify meters when needs have changed
    • renew Meter Operator (MOP) agreements
    • settle disputes with utility companies
    • sort out billing queries
    • find other ways of reducing their energy consumption
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    Please note that we are a commercial energy broker, and only deal with energy supplies for businesses.